Raffle Prize Source: Companies Willing to Donate Raffle Prizes 2024

Cheap Raffle Basket Ideas:

It is crucial to make sure you are cost-effective when you set up raffle baskets into place to increase the value of your fixed-priced proceeds.

Gift Card Basket

Baskets that contain gift cards are a cheap and simple way to present your guests with a wide range of choices in one raffle basket. It’s an easy and effective method of displaying the gifts you’ve accumulated!

In collaboration with companies willing to donate raffle prizes 2024 or retail stores as and other businesses within your area, you can make a stunning raffle basket that customers will are enticed to purchase.

Take a look at the gift cards that you have donated and make a list of items that appeal to everyone

Ice cream stores


Cards for sports and athletics

Local restaurants

Music card for Music service providers

Electronic stores

Certificates to travel, or enjoy entertainment

If you’re contacting local businesses for gift cards, ensure you inform that they are aware of the companies willing to donate raffle prizes 2024 that is scheduled to be opened by the winner. Everyone wins!

Subscription Basket

Subscription raffle baskets are a great idea for fundraising events that do not require a huge budget.

The procurement department at your business can gather several subscription certificates into one basket, or split them into various baskets with additional items like popcorn or a bottle of alcohol.

The most inexpensive choices are entertainment streaming services like Hulu or Netflix that cost between $5 to 15 dollars each month. There is an option to get an additional premium experience through meal service or wine club kits, which can have higher prices.

Lottery Ticket Basket

Lottery Tickets are gifts that keep giving.

Baskets of raffle tickets for lottery can be as cheap or expensive as you’d prefer (props to your group if you play to the limit with your Powerball ticket! ) When designed in a manner that’s fun, it could be a good alternative to spend only some dollars!

Additionally, as the winners of the basket get a varying amount of funds, lots of attendees of fundraisers are looking for the possibility of bidding on an auction basket to purchase ticket lottery as a way to cover the cost of their tickets. It can be happened with the collaboration of companies willing to donate raffle prizes 2024.

Handy Helper Basket

The most inexpensive kind of basket for raffles is one that is completely free, which makes great helper baskets an absolute delight.

All you need is a person in your organization (or outside of your organization) to offer their handyperson service for the day.

The most common items and services included in the raffle basket include:

Running errands

Yard landscaping and yard work

Babysitting services

Pet sitting, pet walking

Carpentry or light construction can be beneficial.

Electrical or plumbing work

Technology and computers

Video or photography services

Raffle Basket Ideas for Schools:

Raffles are fantastic for schools and the possibilities are endless to allow schools raise funds to support the achievement of their students.

School’s Out for Summer Basket

Most school fundraisers involve parents, along with teachers and administrators.

If you’re thinking of hosting the school’s fundraising event in the summer, or even in the fall, a summer fun raffle is ideal for families with children. They’re also fairly easy to create.

These items could create a wonderful school’s Out prize baskets:

Beach toys


Pool floating


Beach towels


Snorkel gear

Craft equipment

Certificates for Kids Camp

Bubble supplies

Outdoor concert tickets

Cooler (you can even convert the cooler into the basket) is all that’s needed to fit into this loud, kid-friendly basket.

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