How Tough Are Gun Laws In Florida?

 How Tough Are Gun Laws In Florida?

Gun Control has been a major topic throughout the past decade in politics. Many people feel that there should be stricter gun laws, while others feel that the major crimes that are done with a gun are by people who acquired the guns illegally, and therefore the constitutional right should not be taken away from those who follow  .458 socom ammo the rules.

It can be scary to think that almost 1,000,000 people are running around in your state with the ability to carry a gun, but you cannot just show up and get a permit. There are classes and tests involved with getting a gun permit.

Florida has seen a rise in Justifiable Homicides and Murders that involve a gun. These statistics can mean several things. More people are able to protect themselves, and an increase in murders with a gun does not necessarily mean an increase of murders or that the guns were legal. It is difficult to look at statistics and see exactly what is going on with a state, and many statistics can be used in order to skew the truth.

It is up to every citizen of Florida to know and understand that laws of gun control. There are several new laws that are in place that were created in order to make sure that the rights of gun holders are protected as well as the citizens that are not in a position to protect themselves.

Some of the new Florida laws in regards to gun control:

Qualification Law

The police are required to issue a permit for a concealed weapon to any qualified applicant.

Protect Yourself Law

The Florida legislature understands that we are living in a dangerous crazy world, and they do not want their residents to feel like they are not able to protect themselves for fear of legal ramifications. The is why they created a law which gives every person in the state the right to defend themselves by whatever means necessary should they have reason to believe that their life is being threatened.

Gun Mobility Law

Most people do not purchase a gun and get their concealed weapons license to just sit their gun in a drawer at home. Most people want to be able to take their gun with them. This is why there is a law in Florida that allows an individual to bring their gun with them to work. They are not allowed to bring it inside their place of business. It must remain in the safe compounds of their locked vehicle.

Gun Information Limitation

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